Patriot Cigars - Mark 48 Torpedo

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6″x52 Medium Flavor
Wrapper: Habano 2000
Filler & Binder: Nicaragua

Made in Esteli, Nicaragua by Mi Havana Cigar Factory

About the Master Blender:

Alex González Arias is said to be the youngest among the loose collection of cigar rollers in Cuba responsible for producing custom premium hand rolled cigars, a group that also includes such legends as Yolanda Medina, Leopoldina Gutierrez, i.e., “La China,” and Reynaldo González. As with a number of those rollers, Arias rolled his custom cigars at a specific store, in this case, the cigar shop that is located just outside of the Hotel Comodoro in Miramar, Havana. Alex has rolled exclusively for many well-known celebrities like Michael Jordan and Saudi royalty.

Alex has now brought his master rolling and blending skills to the states where he is responsible for the amazing blends you love from the Patriot Cigar Company. Alex has meticulously crafted our blends with the absolute best, premium aged tobacco Esteli, Nicaragua has to offer. From the blend to the construction of every Patriot cigar, Alex oversees the production and accepts nothing short of perfection in every cigar.

We, at the Patriot Cigar Company are proud to have Alex González Arias as our master blender. We are confident your palate will be satisfied.